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Annie Ryan discusses Corn Exchange workshops at The National Theatre Studio, London

For over twenty years, Annie Ryan has lead workshops in Ensemble Improvisation, Physical Theatre and Commedia dell’Arte, teaching hundreds of professional actors the company’s unique approach to ensemble play and embodiment of character work. It is widely regarded as an unforgettable, challenging and applicable training.

Over the last few years, the yoga practice Annie applies in rehearsals has grown into a vital way to provide a spacious and safe ground to help actors dive into deep risky waters. Designed to provide performers and artists with space to restore their energy and gently reflect on their deepest artistic intentions, this new Yoga Retreat / Physical Theatre Workshop combines yoga and meditation with various voice and physical theatre practices, encouraging compassion and support wherever they may be in their artistic journey.

  • The Corn Exchange creates amazing space for play; where the actor is invited to work in a world with endless possibilities and vast imagination while maintaining deep focus and clarity

    Louise White. Theatre Maker

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